Heart serves up Hot Hits for Hot 4th of July Celebration! by Sean Derrick

What a way to kick off Americaís Biggest Birthday Party, better known as Fair St. Louis. In the middle of one of the worst heat waves the region has ever seen (10 days in a row of temperatures at or over 100) and a major drought affecting most of the country, who could blame people for staying away from the sweltering Gateway Arch grounds with hundreds of thousands of other people?

Heart Beats back time on new box set

When Ann and Nancy Wilson were growing up in Seattle, their rock and roll aspirations were fueled by a deep love and respect for hard-edged, emotionally-charged music that inspired them to pick up guitars and put together a band of their own. Despite the fact that the music scene was primarily dominated by male performers before their debut, the Wilson sisters formed Heart and proved that rocking out with flair and conviction wasn't just a man's game.

On the passing of Robin Gibb

From Ann: Bless the Brothers Gibb. Their family blend inspired many harmonies in the back of vans full of traveling musicians. They certainly taught us how to sing 3 part harmonies and make them soar. Sending Love and support to Barry.

ASCAP Celebrates 35 Years of HEART!

"More than 35 years after releasing their debut album and going on to conquer the charts and earn the love of millions of fans around the world, Heartís Ann and Nancy Wilson continue to thrive. In a year in which they are releasing a book, a box set and a new album, theyíre still giving music their all."