Six Degrees of Heart's Little Queen

It used to be easier to pretend that an album was its own perfectly self-contained artifact. The great records certainly feel that way. But albums are more permeable than solid, their motivations, executions and inspirations informed by, and often stolen from, their peers and forbearers. It all sounds awfully formal, but it's not. It's the very nature of music - of art, even. The Six Degrees features examine the relationships between classic records and five other albums we've deemed related in some way.


Ode to an early love, guitars

At one point in the new film "Turn It Up!" Serbian blues guitarist Ana Popovic can scarcely contain her enthusiasm as she says, "A guitar is the way our souls speak." Near the end, the legendary B.B. King kicks out a lick from his strings and shouts from stage, "I'm gonna do this till I die, folks."

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Red Velvet Car: A Conversation With Heart's Ann & Nancy Wilson

Ever since their groundbreaking 1976 album Dreamboat Annie debuted, the band Heart - essentially, sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson - have recorded some of the most memorable rockers and ballads to date. Racking up hits like "Magic Man," "Crazy On You," "Barracuda," "Heartless," "Dog and Butterfly," "What About Love," "These Dreams," and many more, Heart has contributed more than a band's fair share to the story of rock. Their latest album, Red Velvet Car - featuring future classics such as "Wheels," "WTF," "


Congratulations to Micheal Grimm

Ann & Nancy sent Michael a congratulatory note, and a bottle of his favorite bourbon tonight, after hearing that he won America's Got Talent. Yay! Michael! From Nancy " Sooooo cool! He is so completely deserving. That's killer for him!!!"


Heart Rev Up the Rock for 'Red Velvet Car' - Exclusive Video

Heart Rev Up the Rock for 'Red Velvet Car' - Exclusive Video

Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson came to musical prominence in the '70s, a decade in which muscle cars like the Camaro and Trans-Am were rock stars in their own right. The iconic sisters' new album, 'Red Velvet Car,' and the track 'Wheels' brings to mind that era with a recurring automobile motif.

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