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Greg Upchurch
Posted by: Ann Wilson

Those of you who saw our last run in late Feb may have noticed there was a game of musical drumstools going on. Brother Ben Smith played the two shows in Las Vegas and the show in Los Angeles, while in all the rest were handled by Greg Upchurch. If you know Ben you know that he's a dedicated person in his life; to his family, to music, to his friends and to himself. He's doesn't miss gigs lightly, nor does he take his gig as Dad and husband lightly. He has his priorities straight. When his family needed his strong shoulders he was there for them, and we, his extended family were there to give him a break. Greg Upchurch, drummer for '3 doors down' stepped in to take over for Ben until he could get things worked out at home. Greg is a phenomenal drummer and a fun guy. If anyone involved had nerves about the situation, they were alleviated after we played our first show with Greg. He hits hard, is mega-energetic and is truly something to see on those powerful rockers like Barracuda, Crazy on You or Love Reign o'er me. A big blast of power! We had fun even though our Ben was not having any. He was up there with us in spirit, and hopefully the family matters that took him offstage will be more resolved for our next outing. We miss our drum daddy. We thank Greg Upchurch for some amazing shows! Musos rawk. Always. Ann


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