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Hey There Mongers!~Posted by : Debbie Shair

- Hey there Mongers!

It was great to see so many of you in Chicago (and, uh, I'm still a bit blushy from your warm group welcome! :) We all sure had a blast there and can't wait for July! It's been a busy several months here in my neighborhood. Just a quick recap ... did some traveling, played some harp for Nancy on the killer soundtrack she's putting together, did some work on my local band's CD, got hooked up with the awesomely talented Deana Carter (with whom I've been and will be playing occasionally), bought a food processor and learned how to use it, swam the English Channel, taught a chimpanzee how to read, reproduced the Houdini underwater escape, and built a rocket in my backyard and launched a communications satellite into orbit while my neighbors sat and watched, puzzled.



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