'Heart' Of The Matter: Send Us Your Music-Related Love Questions!

Chart-topping hitmakers Heart have always given 100 percent. But sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson,who are currently on tour promoting their upcoming new album Red Velvet Car,are ready to actually put it on the line by offering you, our faithful readers, their services as one-of-a-kind musical love experts/advisors. And all you have to do is submit your music-related love questions for the rock goddesses, and there's a distinct possibility that they will be selected for their thoughtful video replies in our upcoming Heart of the Matter series.

Ask about whatever may be troubling you when it comes to music and love, and send it in Twitter comment, using the hash tag #I<3Heart or leave a comment on the Mog post CLICK HERE and we'll get you all fixed up with the greatest, non-licensed, musical love therapists on this side of the galaxy.

Red Velvet Car is in stores on August 31st.