Babysue/LMNOP Review Fanatic

 The ladies in Heart are back with another album that should instantly appeal to fans of their familiar classic sound. Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson have been making music for such a long time that you would think they would have burned out long ago. But from the sounds we're hearing on Fanatic that is definitely not the case. This album has a nice fresh inspired sound...and we actually prefer the new material to the stuff the band was recording when they were on top of the charts way back when. The basic sound hasn't changed that much...but on some of the poppier material the melodies and lyrics seem much stronger. This is the fourteenth Heart album and from the sound of these tracks we'd guess Ann and Nancy are gonna be making music for a long time to come. With the recent release of a comprehensive box set, a biography from the Wilsons, and now the release of can bet your booties these ladies are riding the waves of renewed success. Kickass cuts include "Fanatic," "Skin and Bones," "Mashallah!", and "Corduroy Road."