Culture Brats reviews Kicking and Dreaming

When I was offered the chance to review the book by the sisters who make up the band Heart, I jumped for it, not because I'm a huge Heart fan but because I wanted to read the story of the women who were pretty much the first hard rocking lady band in rock and roll. And I wasn't disappointed because their stories are pretty fascinating.

The book details their struggles in the '70s (when they were referred to as "Led Zeppelin with tits") because, let's face it, the '70s weren't really all that free of sexual harassment for ladies, especially ladies trying to break in the rock business. At one point their defunct label put out an ad basically implying that the Wilson sisters were incestuous lesbian lovers. These aren't the kinds of stories that you hear from men in the business. It was pretty fascinating/horrifying to see some of the blatantly sexist crap these women have had to put up with over the years.

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