Dear Friends and Family of Charlie


Dear friends fans and family of Charlie-

Its hard news to get but our wonderful one has departed the planet. He told me it was time.
He was a true angel.
He was my absolute angel.
He was the best dog I ever knew and I have really known some insanely great dogs.
Not only did he raise my kids but was my companion in a trillion hotel beds hallways lobbies elevators and more than a few pools.
We shared a lot of water.
We somehow fit into a tour bus bunk together by various spooning methods. That dog knew me better than I knew me and he never complained much when I crashed through the worst of my grieving times. For parents,  love, youth and all the big stuff.
He just kept loving right along. Unconditionally.
He got it right.
Bless his influence  on us all.
Bless the clouds that he now springs around on.
And the mud puddles of the northwest trail.