Exclusive premiere of brand new Heart track

 We’ve secured a first listen to Skin And Bones – an all-new track from Heart’s upcoming albumFanatic.

Track: Heart – Skin And Bones

File under: Wilson sisters funk it up – and how!

Like all Heart albums, Fanatic delivers a wide range of styles. Want some good ol’ Heart hard rock? You’ve got it right from the top with the title song (watch the video for it right here). Then there’s Mashallaand 59 Crunch.

Blues rock, anyone? Corduroy Road will please you. Progressive? A Million Miles has more than a hint of it. Feeling folk-y? Try Walkin’ Good, to which Sarah McLachlan lends vocals and blends with Ann and Nancy so well, you’d think she was another Wilson sister. Ballad-style story songs? Rock Deep (Vancouver) and Pennsylvania are here.

Then, of course, we’ve got the full-on funk attack of Skin And Bones

Fanatic, Heart’s 14th studio album, is released on October 1.

1. Fanatic
2. Dear Old America
3. Walkin’ Good (featuring Sarah McLachlan)
4. Skin And Bones
5. A Million Miles
6. Pennsylvania
7. Mashallah
8. Rock Deep (Vancouver)
9. 59 Crunch
10. Corduroy Road