Heart: Fanatic

By: Paul Barrel

Heart Fanatic (Sony Legacy)Heart


(Sony Legacy)

On their 14th studio album, the Wilson sister show that they are still all Zeppelined out and ready to rock. Ann, who has one of the best voices in rock, has still got it. Her sister Nancy remains one of the tightest rhythm guitarists out there. Over the course of about 40 minutes, the band tears through 10 songs, and the time just disappears. It’s great to hear them rockin’ again.

The album kicks off with the title track, and you’re off to the races. Brooding guitars and sweetly snarling vocals grab you by the throat and punch you in the gut. This is not the side B of Dog and Butterfly we’re talking about here, and don’t expect any of the big hair Heart of the late ’80s either. This album pulls all of the best from their first three albums and really enhances what they started with 2010’s Red Velvet Car.

For a band that has been around nearly 40 years, Fanatic demonstrates that talent doesn’t diminish with age and that rock is not dead. It’s there, if you want it.