Heart is Back with New Sounds, a New Book and a Young Audience


Heart's new album, Fanatic, comes out on October 2. For their radio interview.

Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson of Heart — Norman Seeff/Sony Music Entertainment

by: Scott Peterson

Led by the Wilson sisters, Ann and Nancy, Heart was a sort of American Led Zeppelin, equally adept at gorgeous ballads like "Dog and Butterfly" or "These Dreams" and gut-crunching rock like "Barracuda" and "Magic Man." Unlike so many other bands that formed during the 1970s, though, Heart nimbly adapted to the MTV video revolution in the '80s. Now they're back with a new album, Fanatic, and selling out shows to fans both long-time and brand new. We asked Nancy Wilson to talk about the sisters' new album — and about their new book, Kicking and Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock and Roll (It Books). But first... click "here" to listen to an exclusive track from their new album and read the interview with Nancy Wilson.