Heart Open Up On Dirty Secrets

Heart sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson have opened up about some of the rock’n'roll stories that helped build their career.

They tell all in their life-story book, "Kicking And Dreaming", which is published this week by HarperCollins.

Here’s five things you didn’t know about Heart...

Just Like Magic: Their first hit, 1976 track "Magic Man", climbed the charts thanks to the efforts of a radio publicist who offered DJs drugs and prostitutes in return for airplay. Nancy recalls: "When we were out of the way he’d pass the DJ a gram of cocaine, or the number of a hooker and say, ‘She’s yours, on Heart.’"

Put That Away: Celebrity photographerAnnie Leibovitz snapped a topless picture of Ann during a shoot, then refused to destroy the negative. After legal action, the image is locked in a safe with two locks – one key is held by Ann and one by Leibovitz. It’s unlikely ever to be opened again.

No Eruption: The sisters once refused a four-way with Eddie and Alex Van Halenwhile the bands were touring together. That same night Nancy discovered Eddie didn’t own an acoustic guitar and gave him one of hers.

Ramble On: Before they made it big Heart were a covers band on the Vancouver club scene. One night in 1975 they were forced to live through the embarrassment of performing "Stairway To Heaven" just as Led Zeppelin themselves entered the club. Fortunately Robert Plant and co didn’t appear to recognise what they were playing.

Family Moment: On discovering the sisters had started smoking pot at high school, their parents suggested all four of them try it out together. Ann says: "It wasn’t the best pot – but I wasn’t about to share it with my parents".

Thanks to Classicrockmagazine for the report.