In The Studio with Redbeard celebrates 40th Anniversary of Dreamboat Annie

If there is a real-life Cinderella story in classick rock, this is it.  Talk about "indie creditability"?  These ladies wrote the book.  When Heart's 1976 debut Dreamboat Annie containing "Magic Man", "Crazy On Your", "White Lightning and Wine", and the languid title song was released on Valentine's Day 1976 on tiny Canadian label Mushroom Records, it was simply because not one major U.S. label was interested.  After countless bar gigs throughout the Western Provinces, Heart sold 30,000 copies literally from the trunk of their car before getting regional distribution across the border in Seattle, where the Wilson sisters Ann and younger sibling Nancy, had settled with their military family, which moved often (dad was a Marine officer).  it is apparent in this interview that the transient nature of that life, and the impermanence of friendships, resulted in the Wilson sisters looking to each other for a loyal enduring bond that would last regardless of time, place or circumstances.  You can hear more by visiting this link: .