Mr Wilson - The Schoolteacher

I had Mr Wilson as a teacher at Ringdall Jr-High School around 1973 or 1974.  There are very few things I remember about Junior High.  One o fthe clearest memories I have is how the otherwise pedestrial personality of Mr Wilson would light up like a Christmas tree when he cranked up the reel-to-reel and played the soon to be released album of his daughter's band during class.  Generally speaking, he seemed very tired and burdened with thoughts that if forgotten would surely not be missed, but boasting of his girls a silly, almost childish grin leaped from the face you would never have imagined could have launched it.  his eyes lit up with passion and adoration as he'd say "This is going to be REALLY big!!"  Often parents never REALLY LIGHT UP with pride in front of their children and let them know how proud they are of them.  I thought that if this was the case for you, you should know that 40 years later, someone who had a horrible time in Junior High has your father's love for you as one of his best memories of that difficult time.  For forty years whenever I've heard your music I thought of that look in his eyes.

- David Newton