Nancy Wilson reveals how Heart ended up in 'Captain Marvel' (From USA Today)

Space warrior Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) has a run-in with "The Don" (Robert Kazinsky) in an exclusive extended scene from "Captain Marvel." USA TODAY

Heart's Nancy Wilson went wild for her rock band's big "Crazy on You" moment in "Captain Marvel," noting that the pioneer rockers earned their place in the Marvel's superheroine spotlight.

The power women of Heart —Wilson and sister Ann Wilson — are a key part of the 90s-heavy soundtrack for "Captain Marvel" (out on Blu-ray Tuesday), the solo outing for Brie Larson's Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers.

The 1976 single "Crazy On You" is featured in a pivotal Captain Marvel flashback sequence that unlocks the key to her past and Danvers rocks a Heart concert T-shirt in another scene.

Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) rocks her Heart T-shirt as Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) deals with his cat wounds. (Photo: MARVEL)

"It was a double-whammy great thing for us," says Wilson, who cheered loudly during "Crazy On You" at a private screening Marvel threw for her family. "My hair blew back. It was like, that's a win. Not just because we’re a powerful women rock band, but it's a very cool scene that fit like a glove telling the story."

Wilson says the call came from filmmakers before "Captain Marvel" filming began asking if "Heart would mind if we put a song or two, and maybe a T-shirt" in the movie.

"It was like, no we would not mind. At all. We would be honored," she says. "And it happened. But we didn’t want to get our hopes up ever."

Nancy Wilson is amped about Heart getting back together and going "Crazy on You" in "Captain Marvel." (Photo: Theo Wargo, GETTY IMAGES)

It is appropriate to use Heart's music in Captain Marvel's historic first outing, Wilson believes.

"We were a first, too. They call us pioneers," she says of her band. "And those covered wagons, we still run ‘em."

Wilson and her sister broke up the band in 2016, with both working on solo projects. But they are reforming for the Heart Love Alive tour starting in July.

"We took a sabbatical. Which was a good thing for Ann and I to do," says Wilson of the difficult split.  "Getting back together is a natural step for us. We don’t know what other skill sets we have besides being in a rock band together. And there’s an iconography with Heart. People love the songs. So we’re going to do it."

She promises that the reunion tour will be powerful and new, with each sister bringing a fresh perspective along with new band members from their respective solo work.

"It will be fun to build an experience for fans that’s not just a predictable Heart show that used to be," says Wilson, who says she might rock the Captain Marvel supersuit. "I may need that outfit."