Progsheet's Review of Fanatic

A follow up to 2010's Red Velvet Car, Fanatic sees Heart very much in tune with the ass kicking tone of Jupiter's Darling. God, they do it well, don't they? Ann Wilson continues to have the most commanding voice in rock. Just listen to the title track, or Dear Old America if you foolishly doubt me. Nancy Wilson does a great shared vocal with Sarah McLachlan on Walkin' Good - an old world style folk ditty with a great chorus. Ben Smith's drums add this great sleazy feel to Skin And Bones, aided greatly by Ben Mink & Nancy's guitars. Some great stank on that one!

A Million Miles threatens to steal the show. Impossibly catchy modern rhythm, great vocal, lots of movement. Pennsylvania is a moody, downbeat number with nicely eerie background vocals.Mashallah! is an exotic belter for Ann with a touch of middle Eastern flavor under the open hi-hat driven drums. It sounds massive! Rock Deep (Vancouver) feels like it could fit on the Dog & Butterfly, with a sweet, embracing vocal from Ann and wonderful violin accents from Ben Mink.

59 Crunch sees Ann & Nancy swap vocals to great effect on a tune with more than a few psychedelic echoes to it. The album closes with Corduroy Road. It's another moody piece. Nancy's voice floats under Ann's passionate lead. Lots of atmosphere to this smoky tune. A strong ending to an album that just goes from strength to strength to strength. A deep, confident statement that Heart remain a force of nature to be reckoned with!