Satya Jewelry Teams With Iconic Singer/Songwriter Ann Wilson of Heart To Benefit The Satya Foundation

Yoga-inspired jewelry brand Satya Jewelry announced that it has teamed with iconic rock star Ann Wilson of “Heart” to create two specially designed necklaces to help benefit children’s charity, The Satya Foundation. “Ann and I share a passion for spirituality which we both channel through our creativity,” said Satya Scainetti, Founder and Designer of Satya Jewelry. “We knew we wanted to create something beautiful to put out into the world what we hold so dear in our own lives.”

The two have been a fan of each other’s work for some time; Scainetti, a decades-long fan of Wilson’s lyrics and music and Wilson, a Satya Jewelry customer, who wears it onstage for her performances and wore the Adi Shakti necklace on her wedding day.

“I have always admired beautiful jewelry,” Ann Wilson said. “The artistry of it: the beauty of the metals, stones and designs; but most of all, the symbolism. When I stumbled upon Satya Jewelry online, I found elegant, meaningful pieces for everyday life. These pieces offer self expression in a sincere, spiritual sense. All points of the soul’s journey speak here.”

Working together to design two necklaces to capture their vision proved a seamless collaboration. “I reached out to Satya about collaborating, and we hit it off right away! We recognized the Light in each other, as if we had met before. The results of our collaboration are these two elegant, divinely beautiful pieces with messages that speak to your heart and to the outside world of who you are.”

Rendered in sterling silver and 18k gold plate, the Love & Light necklace is handcrafted and hand-etched with the word “light,” embodying the timeless beauty of a graceful, hopeful and enlightened heart. “I wear this little heart always. It is my secret, and symbolizes the force in my heart. My heart is always my guide,” Wilson says.

“The Lotus,” Wilson says of the Infinite Lotus necklace, “opens new beginnings and possibilities. It whispers, ‘I am not empty, I am open.” Available in both sterling silver and 18k gold plate, the hand-crafted piece is hand-etched with a lotus, representing infinite potential and transformation.

“Working with Ann to create these pieces was such a joyful experience,” Scainetti said. “Her words have inspired me for decades; to now have them accompany these pieces as mantras, only reinforces my belief that when we live our truth, beautiful things are possible.”

The Love & Light ($69) and Infinite Lotus ($149) necklaces are available for purchase at and (and will be sold at TAWT shows) ; the Love & Light necklace will also be featured prominently on Heart’s upcoming tour and will be available on

Ann Wilson and Satya Jewelry invite you to experience the love, light and infinite possibility that went in to creating these specially designed necklaces. A portion of the proceeds from each sale of these necklaces will benefit The Satya Foundation, which helps children’s charities worldwide.